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Helping Families Manage Money

HomePay is a mobile App that helps you manage money in your household and allows your kids, domestic helper or other dependents to spend money responsibly using HomePay MasterCard Prepaid cards.

Giving families greater control, more convenience and total peace of mind.

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For Moms and Dads

Moms and Dads can connect HomePay to their primary banking accounts and securely transfer money at at a click of a button, wherever they are, to HomePay prepaid cards held by their loved ones and household members. Turn the card on/off, set spending limits, get alerts if balances are low, set restrictions at certain stores, restrict online, restrict spending after hours, send messages, get simple but critical insights…

All solutions designed to help households be managed smarter and families be safer.


For Kids

Kids can now receive money on their named-personalised HomePay card, at the click of a button from parents as a one-off or a regular payment, and spend at all terminals carrying the MasterCard symbol.

And if they connect to the HomePay mobile App, they can get real time information on their balances & transactions, make payments and transfers and exchange messages or photos with household members.


For Domestic Helpers

Domestic Helpers can now receive and spend money for household affairs on their named-personalised HomePay card, at the click of a button from Guardians as a one-off or a regular payment. No more collecting cash and reconciling the change with receipts.

And if they connect to the HomePay mobile App, they can get real time information on their balances & transactions, make payments, receive tasks and exchange messages with the household guardians.


Set controls such as turn card on/off, limits on spend, alerts and restrictions on certain types of purchases, online payments and even time of the day.


Get real-time insights on what is being spent, weekly averages, where is the card being used on a map or get suggestions on how much should be transferred to kids and domestic helpers based on past spending.


Use the messaging and task features to have conversations with household members about household activities. Need money? How much? When? What is being bought? Or just a hello and a thank you!.


Making money work smarter for your family. Sign up in minutes. Top up your balance in a few clicks. Transfer money on the go. Be informed in real-time. HomePay – making life easier for you and your loved ones.

Wide Range of Top Up Channels

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A Prepaid Card for Households to manage money responsibly


HomePay offers families Plastic or Virtual cards that can be topped up using the Mobile App and spent with all MasterCard approved Stores or online payment gateways.

Now households can spend money on their plastic card (in stores) or virtual card (online only) safely, responsibly and intelligently.

What Users have to say

Marvin Lim
I now save all my money on my HomePay card. I am going to be rich!
Mum now pays me for the shopping on the card. I get a notification on my phone and then go shopping. No more cash and no more receipts.
Melissa Lim
Mommie pays my pocket money onto HomePay. It’s ok because she gives me more when I am run out or ask her. But it sucks that I can’t shop online after dinnertime.
Annie Ong
Finally me and Wayne are in control of our family. Their safety is my biggest concern.

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